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BCI - Brain Control Interface

Control the PC with your mind!

A direct interface from your brain to your computer, and to the world!

It is an independent research project aimed at developing an alternative input device based on BCI (Brain Control Interface): the intended user is everyone unable to move, for permanent or temporary impairment. The solution is intended to be low cost and based on Open Software.

Some resources:

A presentation at WSIS 2013, 13-17 May 2013, Geneva: the video of the session (Roberto Mancin, Gianluca Moro, Vito De Feo), my slides (Gianluca Moro), the slides from Roberto Mancin and offical photos; the conference website program and official video recording: our session is: "ERICA: Electroencephalographic-based Resuscitatio Index Computer Aided (Research and Service Center for Disability, Integration and Rehabilitation, Padua University) (Room C2)", 16/05/2013Thursday, 16:00-18:00

Presentation at a Seminar for the "Informatica Medica" course - University of Padova March, 21st, 2013.

An overview on Il Bo, University of Padova magazine

Technical report in PDF.

I have been working on this project as an independent researcher, in collaboration with Dipartimento di Salute della Donna e del Bambino - Università degli Studi di Padova (Department of pediatrics - University of Padova). The main project page is VOCA.TIO.

I was involved in this project in the data acquisition and elaboration software, on Linux and Android platform. The technical details of my work are included on in PDF.

Other alternative inputs

Eye tracking

Some theory about eye-tracking: mainly the tracking can be accomplished by the recognition of the pupil movement (video analysis), or recognition of the movement of the eye bulb via EOG (ElectroOculoGram). a GPL program for eye tracking using various types of hardware: the idea is to track the movement of the eye's pupil: the effect is that the mouse pointer follows the point we look at in the monitor. Freeware program, for Windows, to control the mouse with head movement: the manual page is here. The only needed hardware is a webcam, which points the user head. The software identifys the head movement - left/right - up/down - so to control the mouse pointer. eye-tracking using any camera equipped with infrared nightvision: an open-source project. an empty project :-(, some commercial solutions and give other information.

Other notes more or less related

Interface from Wheel chair input systems to Android bluetooth: and

Interface to Bluetooth

Converts from serial to bluetooth

hub usb wireless:


Input methods: An interesting input method

Documentation: Roberto Mancin's thesis (Un'applicazione per la predizione testuale, progettata per persone con disabilità neuromotorie - 1998) Demo Video Marco Gaiarin's thesis (Un sistema di predizione sintattica per GNU/LINUX - 1999) and sources:

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