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Alcune Riflessioni personali sulla Vita e su quanto ci circonda.

Note su Android

Alcune note su Android usato su sistemi embedded

Symfony e Php

Come impostare il progetto di una applicazione web usando Symfony e Php

HSK - poster and apps

Lists of HSK characters as poster:

the HSK1 poster is freely available!

Apps to learn HSK1 vocabulary

the english version is freely available!


Disegni ed immagini

Drawings and images

Security and Brain Control


Logo CloudUSB

Keep your data and your programs in your pocket; use them on every computer you find without worrying about letting around some unwanted logs and this without giving away your data security or privacy!

Control the PC with your mind!

A direct interface from your brain to the world!
An independent research project aimed at developing an input device based on BCI (Brain Control Interface). A low cost, based on Open Software solution.

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